7 Ways to Short Sale Your Home Faster

Deciding to short sale your home is a major decision but it doesn’t have to be a hard one. Here’s a few tips on how to have a successful short sale process.

1. Work with a CDPE designee. These real estate professionals have received additional training on the business of short sales. All real estate professionals are not qualified to do short sales.

2. Be honest about your situation. Lying and evading will not help your situation. Tell your agent up front why you need to short sale. Whether it’s divorce, illness, you’re financially strapped or you simply just need to get the heck outta there, be honest.

3. Give your Realtor/CDPE all the forms necessary for your short sale. Bank statements, pay stubs, tax records, hardship letter etc. Don’t dilly dally on getting these documents, the more time you waste, the harder it will be for you to get your short sale approved. This is a critical part of the process, so be a dear and get what your agent asks for in a timely manner.

4. Stop thinking of your home as yours. This may sound harsh but if you truly want to sell your home, you must detach yourself from it emotionally.

5. Remove all personal items. Photos, grandmas china, the kids science projects, your baseball collection. Sure it’s nice to you, but the buyer who is interested in your home doesn’t want to see them.  If your family photos and mementos are everywhere, you’re not letting buyers know you are ready to sell.
6. DO NOT tell your Realtor you want a “Appointment Only” listing. This is a hassle. Period. You will not get many showings and your home will sit on the market for months and probably never sell. Allow your agent to monitor your home with a Supra Lock box. Your agent will know everyone who visits your home because it is kept in an electronic monitoring log.
7. Don’t tell your agent you don’t want a sign in the yard. Yard signs are one of the best marketing tools an agent has to market your home.  When people are driving by telling themselves they wish they could live in your neighborhood, how will they know your home is for sale if there’s no sign? And trust me your nosey neighbors already know you’re in foreclosure. It’s public information. There are no secrets in the Internet age. So do yourself a favor, take on your dilemma with your head held high. Things happen and it’s called LIFE. You can and will bounce back.
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Seller Tips: Photos Not Just Agents Sell Homes Too!


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Have you ever listed your home with an agent, priced it right, staged it right, manicured and sat on the market for months without a single offer? More than likely your agent didn’t put any in the MLS. Are there agents that do this? Yes. Is it fair? No. What can you do about it? Plenty. But we’ll get to that in a minute. 

As an agent I have gone into the MLS, conducted a search of available properties for a client, come up with the results only to find that the agent hasn’t uploaded any photos.  What happens when I see listings like this, they get ignored like an unwanted phone call from your in-laws. Why? Because I simply don’t have time to imagine how great this house is. I am not going to call or email an agent to let them know their listing doesn’t have any photos. I’ve got better things to do, like uh, sell houses.

When you list your home for sale, be ready to have photos taken. In fact, insist on it. Now don’t go and ask your agent for 50 photos of your home. You don’t want to give too much. Stick to areas buyers want to see most: living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and exterior shots. No toilet photos please. We all know what one looks like.

Once your agent or the photographer he or she has hired takes the photos, ask them to send you a buyer printout of your home’s listing. It will give you all the information buyers see and more.

Before you have those photos taken, be sure to get your home in tip-top shape. Clean, condense and then clean again. Buyers hate seeing your kids photos all over the place, your knitting basket, your trash (yes we have seen such a thing) and all 5 of your cars in the driveway. (Park the cars on the street please.) And please trim the bushes and cut the lawn. Even if the home is being sold as-is, unless it’s a complete dump to begin with, a fresh cut will do you just fine.





Seller Tip: Why You Shouldn’t Hire an Agent Who Cuts Their Commission

When it comes to choosing a real estate professional, a primary concern for sellers is what they have to pay for commission. When working with a real estate professionals to sell your home, some real estate agents will be so eager to list, they will be willing to take your listing at a lower commission rate. Why would they do this? Well for one they may be in desperate need of listings, two, they simply are not secure enough to fight for your listing without diminishing their own capabilities.

An agent who cuts their commission may seem like the ideal agent. Why? Because you think it’s going to cost you less money. and make them work harder. Well that probably won’t happen. Think about it.  If an agent is so eager to cut their own commission and take food out of their own mouth, why would they be of use to you? This agent is not a an assertive agent. They are likely to be an agent who simply wants your listings for the sake of having a listings. They will promise you the moon and then they will stick a sign in your yard, take a few pictures and pray for an offer.

You want an agent who knows their own worth and knows how to be diligent about selling your property. The most successful agents are not the ones who cut their commission, but the ones who value your time and money as well as their own. As an agent I don’t make promises, I simply give clients the facts. The key to selling your home quickly is almost always contingent on price. Presentation and appearance second, and place (location) third.

Agents who know how to negotiate for themselves will be the best negotiators for you. Negotiating requires skill, tact and confidence. An agent who is firm in his or he own beliefs will be good at helping you sell your property and helping you move forward with the next step in your life.

Consider this final note, would you go to your job and do the same amount of work if your pay was cut? Probably not. The best agents know how to sell without cutting their own income. If they know what they’re doing, you should be happy to pay them for it.

Buyers Representation Agreements – To Sign or Not to Sign?


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Let’s face it, buying a house can be a little intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. A good agent will help you maneuver through the process, handle paperwork and work diligently on your behalf to get the deal done.

Before you start to preview property, it is wise to sit down with an agent who can educate you on all aspects of Buyer Agency. Buyer Agency simply means that your agent will act in your best interest as a buyer with the support of his/her brokerage. Your agent/broker can help diffuse misunderstandings, navigate through confusing paperwork and provide support throughout your entire real estate process and beyond.

Good reasons for signing a buyers representation agreement:

1. Your interests are professionally represented.

2. You get a personal specialist who understands your home ownership needs.

3. You will get the home you want with little hassle as possible.

4. Best of all, the buyer’s agency agreement is usually free of charge.*

*Retainer fees may be applicable in some states and agents do have the right to charge a retainer for their services.

Don’t take a chance on letting your dream home slip away from you. Get qualified, get a good agent, and get the house you want! All agreements should be in writing and your agent should have a copy of your signed agreements back to you within 24-hours. Keep copies of everything you sign, whether electronically or handwritten.

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Things Short Sale Sellers Should NOT Do!!


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1. Stop paying HOA Dues – Lenders will usually pay a percentage but likely not all of your HOA fees. Special assessments and late fees are also not paid by most lenders.

2. Make any Big Purchases – Unless you want your short sale DENIED, it would be wise not to make any extravagant purchases (i.e. automobiles, or another house in your spouses name!)

3. Spend All of Your Money – Save as much of it as you can. You will probably have to bring something to closing.

4. Refuse to Let Your Agent Put a Sign or Lockbox on your property. – The faster you do, the faster it will sell. That’s a fact.

5. Have a “friend” or “business partner” buy your house so you can stay in it. – This is FRAUD, pure and simple.

6. Rent Out Your Property. – Homes with tenants are very difficult to sell, especially when your tenant think they own the property or are upset they will have to move. Some tenants would rather sabotage your deal than see your property sell.

7. Abandon Your Property. – Avoid doing this if at all possible, but if you must, keep your home clean and secure.

8. Disconnect Utilities. – This is a true inconvenience to the agents trying to sell your home and for buyers. It’s always a hassle to get utilities connected. Just keep them on and monitor them if you are not living in the property.

9. Be Inaccessible or Uncooperative. – Answer your agents calls and respond to emails. There’s nothing worse than a seller who is difficult to find in a time of need.



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